Heritage Fixed Income

Heritage Fixed Income

Investment Objective
The Investment Objective of the Sub-Fund is to achieve positive returns under all market conditions.
There is no guarantee that the investment objective of the Sub-Fund will be achieved and investment results may vary substantially over time.

Investment Policies
In order to achieve its Investment Objective, the Sub-Fund will mainly invest in a diversified portfolio of
Bergholt SICAV p.l.c. – Heritage Fixed Income Fund Offering Supplement
bonds, fixed income, money market instruments and other debt instruments. The Sub-Fund is deemed to be attractive for investors with long-term capital preservation and moderate investment risk expectations. The Investment Manager shall manage credit risk and will aim to minimise volatility through credit analysis.
The Sub-Fund may also invest in the following instruments: (i) securities (including equities, bonds, fixed income instruments and other debt instruments); (ii) ETFs and other collective investment schemes; (ii) FDIs (including futures, forwards, options, CDSs and contracts for differences) and/or OTC derivatives. The Sub-Fund may invest in derivatives linked to commodities, however such holding will never lead to the physical delivery of the relevant commodity.
The Sub-Fund is not expected to have any bias towards any jurisdiction, industry or market capitalisation.
The Sub-Fund may invest in listed and/or unlisted bonds (including corporate and/or sovereign bonds) of any credit rating and duration. The Sub-Fund may also invest in non-rated bonds.
The Sub-Fund may invest in collective investment schemes managed by the Investment Manager and other sub-funds of the Company. In this case, the Investment Manager shall re-imburse the Sub-Fund any investment management and/or performance fees, as well as any applicable subscription and/or redemption charges, received in connection with the Sub-Fund’s investment in the target collective investment scheme.
The Sub-Fund is also expected to invest in FDIs (including contracts for difference, forwards, futures and options) for hedging purposes and the reduction of risk. The Sub-Fund may also hold cash and cash equivalents on an ancillary basis.
For temporary or defensive purposes, the Sub-Fund may invest in money market funds, cash and cash equivalents. The Sub-Fund may also at any time hold such securities for cash management purposes, pending investment in accordance with its Investment Policy and to meet operating expenses and redemption requests.
Uninvested cash may be held on deposit in a bank account in the name of the Sub-Fund with an authorised and regulated credit institution.



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